4 Ways to Increase Online Engagement and Revenue with Interactive Audio

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As the old adage goes, content is king. It is great content that attracts an audience to your site and it's great content that keeps them there and ensures they will come back. Not many online publishers would argue with this, as engaged, loyal, growing audiences drive positive revenue performance. As such, online publishers are faced with the ongoing challenge of how to create fresh, engaging content, and lots of it—while also be mindful of the costs of doing so.

However, one highly effective and often overlooked strategy is audio content. Established web-based technologies, like Cinchcast's audio publishing and management platform, make audio content creation easy and distribution and monetization even easier. This white papers provides four ways integrating interactive audio into your content strategy can increase online engagement and revenue while saving time and money. We'll also provide you with some real world examples of how online publishers are leveraging audio content to drive business growth.

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