5 signs that you should consider a virtual extension of your physical event

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  • You are reaching only a percentage of your audience. Support your decision with hard data focused on the total addressable market. Are your highest opportunity audience segments attending?
  • Your company's objectives include reaching new markets. Virtual events can provide quick extensions into new markets.
  • Your webinar programs have been successful. A demonstrated interest in online communication indicates a market comfortable with new technology. If you haven't already tested the waters, consider a study.
  • Your organization is discussing return on investment. Virtual events offer the opportunity to extract additional value from an existing event.
  • Your competitors and relevant associations are active in the virtual event space. They've proven the market is ready. But if they are not already there, it doesn't mean you should ignore technographic data. You could be first.
  • Source: David Rich, senior VP-program strategy at experience marketing agency George P. Johnson Co.
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