5 simple rules for creating effective mobile websites

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  • Know the primary users and their needs. Research your primary mobile users to determine what information they need to access on their mobile devices and what kind of functionality they want from a mobile site.
  • Prioritize content. Don't recreate the full functionality of the desktop site. Be selective about what content appears on the mobile site to ensure that users can access the information they need quickly.
  • Rewrite content. Use short sentences and short paragraphs, and consider replacing dense paragraphs with quick hits-style presentations.
  • -Design for the small screen. Use responsive design techniques, ensure that touch targets are large enough and spaced far enough apart to avoid misclicks, and eliminate unnecessary graphics that take up space and slow load times.
  • Link to the desktop site. Always provide a link to the full website. Some users will always prefer the familiarity of the desktop site and others may want to see in-depth information unavailable on a streamlined site.
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