5 simple rules for effective search marketing

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One size doesn't fit all. Remind yourself that not every business is the same. Determine your target decision-makers, and align your search campaign with their affinities, purchase intents and needs in mind. Use segmenting and targeting tools to make your campaigns relevant to them.

Keep things simple. Creating too many campaigns can be counterproductive and result in an incredible burden. Sometimes, being more broad-brushed with fewer refined keyword groups can be most efficient.

People buy from people. At the end of the day, you're trying to reach a person, not a business. Appeal to decision-makers within your target companies by thinking about their unique needs and solutions, and tailor your campaigns accordingly.

Measure. If you don't measure your campaign, you can't fix it. Decide what you want to measure and how to measure it, so you can make strategic adjustments that optimize campaign performance.

Prioritize ruthlessly. It's easy to chase a number of shiny objectives, but success comes from knowing what you want to accomplish first.

Source: Sarah Kotlova, VP-client strategy and services, Geary Interactive

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