5 simple rules for effective social media marketing

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1. -Don't start with the tool. Define the business objective and then select the tools to achieve them. Often it will be a combination of channels, including video, podcasts, discussion groups and social media. 2. -Get employees involved. Online customers are likely to be more knowledgeable about your company and market than most prospects. Deputize your employees to speak for the company. 3. -Be respectful and open to criticism. Ignoring or (even worse) deleting negative comments will only make you look arrogant and defensive. 4. -Be personal. Social media are about people. Whatever you do, let the human voice come through. Include bios, photos and statements by the employees who will be engaging with the community.Mix personal and professional topics and invite visitor response. 5. -Take a long-term view. You're forming relationships, not delivering messages. The first 13 weeks are just a starting point. Successful campaigns may stretch out a year or longer. Choose topics that have staying power and contributors who are passionate about interacting with their constituents.
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