5 simple rules for effective Web analytics

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  • Create a list of the 10 most relevant questions CMOs need to answer, such as “What is the cost-per-acquisition per channel?” Once you have defined these questions, determine your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and create an analytics strategy focused on answering those questions.
  • Define KPIs during campaign/site planning and tie them directly to your business objectives. During the initial phase, conduct user testing, prototyping and A/B testing against those predetermined KPIs.
  • -Make sure your media buyers, social media team, agencies and vendors are in alignment regarding your analytics and measurement strategy.
  • Measuring Social Media ROI requires marketers to focus on assigning a dollar value to how much a social action (such as a “like” or Twitter/LinkedIn follow) is actually worth. Then, marketers need to back those numbers into how much revenue these various social channels generate.
  • ?-Track valuable on-click events if they are not page views, such as newsletter signups and offsite links. These events are just as important as any actions that resulted in more page views.
  • Source: Alex Lirtsman, partner-digital strategist, Ready Set Rocket
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