5 simple rules to prepare for a virtual exhibition

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  • Maximize exposure. Placement is key to driving booth traffic, even in a virtual world. Marketers should count the number of mouse clicks it takes for attendees to access their booth. Prime locations translate into fewer clicks.

  • Customize the booth. Virtual platforms allow marketers to create an individual booth experience, from color schemes and virtual plants to a recommended 20-to-30-second welcome video.

  • Build compelling content. Exhibitors can provide existing white papers and other collateral, as well as link attendees to existing Web content, but a customized landing page that mentions the event can be most effective.

  • Offer a prize. Many show hosts only provide a certain level of data. A prize offer solicits additional contact information, draws traffic and helps create buzz.

  • Start the conversation. Representatives should greet visitors promptly. Group chats within the booth allow visitors to jump into an ongoing conversation. Prospects can also be found outside the booth, either through interactions in virtual lounges or through criteria-based searches.

  • Source: John Grosshandler, founder of virtual trade show eComXpo
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