5 things to consider when marketing to financial pros

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Stacy DeWalt, VP-vertical market development and strategic marketing at Pitney Bowes Management Services, said that understanding the complexities of the financial services industry presents both opportunities and challenges. She and her company have identified five important factors marketers should consider closely when approaching this industry:

Regulatory requirements. “Sarbanes-Oxley and the Patriot Act have put a lot of pressure on financial services institutions,” DeWalt said. “If you can show how you can help them store vital information, and keep it secure and private, all while improving their bottom lines, you’ll have their ear.”

Risk management. “Their businesses are highly transactional, and they’re concerned about controlling risk on every part of their business, including disaster recovery.”

Mergers and acquisitions. “This industry has more than its fair share of mergers and acquisitions,” DeWalt said. “It has major business ramifications for the institutions involved, as well as for marketers trying to make sense of how the M&As have changed how you market to them.”

Retail banking resurgence. “Major banks are opening storefronts at a greater pace than in a long time, and this expansion presents a lot of opportunities,” she said.

Outsourcing. “Financial institutions are continuing to outsource a great deal of IT and operations functions, presenting opportunities or challenges for marketers depending on what products and services they offer,” DeWalt said.

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