5 tips for combining search and social media

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  • Both search and social depend on the customer to initiate something. With search, they are standing up and saying, “I'm interested in this right now.” With social media, you are expecting people to pass the information along to others.
  • In b-to-c, social media tends to be entertaining and funny. That's not necessarily true with b-to-b. The best b-to-b social media solves problems. You want to become the expert on that problem.
  • For search and social media marketing, marketers are no longer the pursuer. They are the ones who are pursued. [But] how do you ensure people find you when they need you?
  • [Marketers] have to accept the fact that most of the people searching for things are not looking for them. Think about the terms that absolutely describe your company.
  • Marketers really need to embrace direct marketing in ways b-to-b companies haven't. They should understand how much it is worth for each new visitor to come to their site.
Source: Mike Moran, chief strategist, Converseon Inc.
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