5 ways to improve online delivery of live events

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  • Build an active experience. Insert interactive features at regular intervals to help your audience avoid the passive-viewing lull associated with TV. Surveys and other elements provide immediate feedback and keep your audience engaged.
  • Speak to the online audience. The presenter should acknowledge online viewers and encourage their participation in elements such as a live Q&A.
  • Recap events. Provide succinct summaries of archived presentations so your audience can determine the value of the material and decide if they want to watch the long-form version.
  • Throw out the drapes. Graphic elements that replicate the trade show experience do not enhance the content or relate to the social experience. Create a relevant interface that allows your audience to quickly locate information.
  • Source: Tony Lorenz, CEO, bXb Online, an event marketing provider that focuses on the online portion of hybrid events
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