50 Things You'll Learn In Our Seminar: "Building Your Social Media Strategy"

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50. What is social media? 49. Why should my business start using social media? 48. Is there an actual ROI of social media? 47. What are the top social networks businesses should join? 46. How do those social networks actually work? 45. What are best practices for a business on each social network? 44. What are examples of businesses that excel on each social network? 43. Does my business need to have a profile on each of these social networks? 42. How do we decide which social network to join? 41. Once we choose a social network, what should our first step be? 40. So what does a social media strategy involve? 39. What are realistic goals we should have for using social media in our business? 38. How do we decide what audiences to target in social media? 37. Who should our business follow online? 36. Should we follow our competition? 35. How do we get people to talk back to us? 34. What kinds of content should we share online? 33. Where is this content coming from--is it our or someone else's? 32. Can we ask our customers to share their own content on our social profiles? 31. How often should we be posting online? 30. This is a lot of work--how do we make time for posting to our social profiles? 29. How do we respond to questions from our customers and potential customers? 28. What if someone makes a complaint about us online? 27. What if someone posts inaccurate information about our company online? 26. How do we keep track of what our employees are sharing online? 25. What if an employee is posting inappropriate comments or sharing propitiatory nformation online? 24. Should we create social media guidelines for our employees and what should they include? 23. How should we train our employees on social media best practices? 22. Should our executives be using social media and if so, how? 21. What should our HR department monitor for when evaluating a candidate? 20. How can our PR department use social media to prevent and/or respond to a crisis? 19. Should we also integrate our customer service team and if so, how? 18. We have an upcoming event--how do we promote it using social media? 17. What about promoting an upcoming sale--how can we promote it using social media? 16. When is it a good idea to use a location-based social network like FourSquare? 15. Pinterest is getting so much buzz lately--how might my business use it? 14. We're a B2B business and want to do more than LinkedIn. What do you suggest? 13. How can we measure the effectiveness of our social media strategy? 12. What are the kinds of things we can and should measure for in social media? 11. We want to monitor what people are saying about our business online--what's the best way to do that? 10. This is so much to manage--what are the best free tools you suggest we use? 9. Speaking of managing, who should be in charge of our social media profiles? 8. If we want to create a full-time position for a social media manager, what skills and experience should that person have? 7. We don't have time to manage our social profiles. How can we outsource our social media strategy? 6. What are the qualities we should look for when selecting an outside social media consultant? 5. I already use social media personally--how can I make sure my colleagues and customers don't see my profiles? 4. How can I use my personal social profiles to find new customers and interact with current customers? 3. What can I do to grow my own personal following online? 2. How do we keep up with latest trends in social media? 1. What can I learn next about social media? Don't live in Chicago? Our team can present this seminar--and many others--on site at your organization. For more information, please see our Custom Social Media Training page. You can also contact me via email and at 312-649-5294.
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