‘Re-skinned’ site gives Double-Take new look

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Disaster recovery and business continuity solution provider Double-Take Software wanted a quicker, more streamlined website. Hoping to create a better path into the site, as well as boost its natural search rankings, Brace Rennels, Double-Take’s senior manager of global website strategy, tapped agency Fathom SEO, Cleveland, earlier this year to “re-skin” the site and design an overall search marketing strategy.

Fathom integrated multimedia and video elements, e-mail marketing and call-center marketing into the site. Next, it helped add a new element to the website, what Double-Take calls its “Web MC” videos. When people come to the site, they are greeted by a small “talking head” that introduces the company, explains the products it sells and provides a call to action that asks visitors to click on the free trial icon at the top of the page.

The 49-second video clip, which always sits at the bottom right of the page, was designed to inform customers who may not be familiar with all the company’s offerings. Since the Java-based video is indexed, it helps improve natural search results, too, Rennels said. “We purposely created the script so it contains some of the same phrases and words that we get the best ranking on right now,” he said. “It’s definitely part of that SEO campaign.”

On the website, the re-skin means navigation is clearer and more straightforward. Links to all the company’s products have been brought to the main page, so there’s no digging through categories, and the call to action—learn more—is front and center. And while the placement of the free trial button hasn’t changed—top right corner—the video highlighting it is definitely new.

Bringing everything up to the site’s surface and adding video that can be indexed is boosting the number of people finding the site, Rennels said. In March, the site had about 48,000 visitors. By May, site visits hit 58,000, more than a 20% jump. During the same time, time-on-site has gone down from three minutes and 10seconds to two minutes and 30 seconds.

Shorter time on the site is a good thing, Rennels said. “We’ve definitely made it easier for people to find the site and find what they need when they get there,” he said. “We’ve brought everything to the main page so people don’t have to spend a lot of time clicking through.”

Double-Take will improve upon the existing video Web MC within the next week or so, creating a pay-per-click campaign based on the keywords in the video including “high availability” and “disaster recovery.” “People would rather listen to a podcast or view a video than download a white paper,” Rennels said. “And, since the ultimate goal is to drive them to conversion, we need to give people what they want—and that’s just what we’re doing.”

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