‘New York Times' accuses ‘WSJ' of appropriating its ad slogan

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New York—Another exchange has been fired in the public relations battle between The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal over the local New York audience. On Thursday, the Times sent a letter to Jennifer Jehn, Dow Jones & Co.'s senior VP-marketing, asking that the Journal “cease and desist” using a slogan already being used by the Times.

The slogan in question is “Not Just Wall Street. Every Street.” The Journal, according to the letter, written by Times attorney Richard Samson, used the same slogan in an ad that ran in the Journal on May 26. Samson's letter said the Times is “the owner of a trademark application pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for this slogan.”

The letter featured the sarcasm that has characterized the PR fight between the two newspapers. “While we are flattered by your admiration of our marketing efforts, please note that The Times owns the trademark rights in the slogan and your brazen appropriation of our intellectual property rights constitutes a willful infringement and dilution of The Times' rights under the Lanham Act,” Samson wrote.

Dow Jones declined to comment.

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