A comprehensive test of marketing communication tactics

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We recently ran a 120-day program to promote and launch a new product. We planned an entire marketing program that would use a variety of tactics: Web, email, banners, print ads, direct mail, events, trade shows, PR, generic search, paid search and much more.

We have very specific links to a special microsite that permit us to evaluate the effectiveness of all of these individual tactics. We were able to gauge the level of activity at the site, the frequency in which public materials are downloaded and reviewed versus actual conversions (leads).

I am thrilled with the data and information I am getting monthly, and thrilled with the early results—we are delivering product quoting activities and unit sales.

The clear winner in driving traffic, conversions and leads is search. Both generic and paid search activity were the most successful and frankly some of the most efficient investments related to this new product launch.

Some of the other most effective tactics were email communications from my own company database and strategically placed banner ads on third-party industry websites. One other note, organic search visitors spent an exceptional amount of time on the site, almost seven minutes. I am becoming a bigger fan of organic search every day.

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