ABC introduces m.Audit report Salesforce launches Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM Marchex adds "call mining' to call center solution

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The Audit Bureau of Circulations announced that its ABCi unit is introducing a standalone m.Audit report. With the report, which was developed in conjunction with Verve Wireless and Handmark Inc., mobile publishers will be able to provide audited mobile usage statistics to potential advertisers. Among the information included in the audit are mobile audience by device type, day and daypart; unique visitors; and page views. In addition to including those data on the m.Audit report, business publishers may also include them on the ABC's Multimedia Publisher's Statements. Customer relationship management company has introduced Jigsaw for Salesforce CRM, a new data service that weaves into the company's online CRM product data from Jigsaw Data Corp., which Salesforce acquired in the summer. Because of the dynamic nature of Jigsaw's online data, which is updated continuously by users, Salesforce CRM customers can receive real-time updates on their business contacts, according to the company. Salesforce paid $142 million in cash for Jigsaw, whose Wikipedia-style method of exchanging and sharing of business information has shaken up the online compiled database business. Telemarketing advertising company Marchex Inc. has updated its telephone call-analytics solution, adding speech transcription as well as search and data-mining technology, to optimize cross-channel marketing. Marchex's new “call mining” capability helps determine phone conversion rates; identifies channels, ads and keywords driving call conversion; and maps call outcomes to demographic and geographic segments, among other features, according to the company. The new solution also allows for the auditing of call centers for efficiency and caller experience, and flags calls by topic of discussion, Marchex said.
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