Accenture, Chicago

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Company: Accenture, Chicago
Agency: Young & Rubicam, New York
Market: Corporate executives
Quick chase: A brooding sky, which looks as if it's about to unleash an F5 tornado, says it all. It's kinda scary out there, but Tiger Woods plays through (even though he's currently sidelined after knee surgery). Accenture's copy, set against the ominous backdrop, pairs nicely with the image: “We face a challenging environment. But while some organizations struggle to survive, others will emerge even stronger. How can you give your company an edge? Making the right decisions, based on your unique strengths, is more critical than ever.” Accenture strikes the right tone by offering to help clients through a rough patch. It cites its many years of experience through all sorts of twists and turns in the economy as a key factor in its ability to help a client ride out the storm. Clue: Get in the clubhouse, Tiger! Even you can't fix the economy.
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