Too many ad portals, IDEAlliance CEO says

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David Steinhardt President-CEO, International Digital Enter-prise Alliance (IDEAlliance) David Steinhardt is president-CEO of the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance), a not-for-profit group that focuses on IT issues in the publishing industry. Media Business: What has IDEAlliance been up to lately? Steinhardt: The whole notion of production and how it is defined within publishing companies has drastically changed, so we're trying to help shape that. MB: How so? Steinhardt: We have a group called emedia21 that is meeting [in April] to discuss ad portals. There are too many out there now, and advertising agencies are starting to push back a little. They have fewer people also and don't have the time to do things differently for a variety of portals. The idea isn't to create one master ad portal but to help ease infrastructure and best practices. MB: How do you do that? Steinhardt: First you need to have the publishing community move as many ads as possible through the existing portals. The majors on the consumer side have pretty aggressive plans to move upwards of 90%, close to 100% of ads through their portals. Then you have the influence to engage the advertising agencies on their needs. MB: Seems simple enough. Steinhardt: Well, I'm not saying it's the Wild West out there, but there are more ad portals now than the industry can financially support. Over the next two years, it'll probably come down to two or three, and they'll have to have a common framework. We're trying to help define that. Additionally, the business model will have to bring on more capabilities in the ad portal, such as digital insertions, and ad placement and still more automation of the process. —M.J.M.
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