Adobe Turns to Humor for First Network TV Ad in Over 10 Years

Ad Meant to Highlight Marketer Confusion in Digital Age

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In a scene many marketers likely find familiar, a company recently went into a craze trying to establish itself on a new social platform, only to see that platform fall out of favor when its target audience's parents signed up.

The social platform, Woo Woo, and the company weren't real though, but rather dreamed up by Adobe, and its ad agency Goodby Silverstein and Partners, for Adobe's first network television commercial in over 10 years.

The spot, which will premiere during the U.S. Open this weekend, is meant to highlight the confusion marketing organizations experience as they attempt to figure out where their customers are spending time online.

Adobe, of course, has a full suite of products meant to help marketers make sense of the noise, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Social.

The last Adobe ad to run on network TV aired over a decade ago, pitching Adobe Acrobat. The company dipped its toe in the water on cable over the past few years, and finally decided to make the leap back to network TV.

"TV has a reach and a cultural relevance and an in-the-moment nature that is beyond what you can do with digital right now," said Alex Amado, Adobe's senior director of creative and media.

That's an intriguing statement from a company that has spent years building a comprehensive digital marketing offering. But Mr. Amado said the majority of the campaign's spend will still go to digital advertising channels.

The campaign will run heavily for the next six weeks, Mr. Amado said, and then sporadically after that. It's part of a $30 million dollar "global thought leadership campaign" Adobe is running this year.

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