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ADP Benefit Services, a business unit of Automatic Data Processing Inc., Roseland, N.J., is reaping the benefits of a campaign management system developed by technology consulting firm Aelera and its agency partner Abovo Group.

ADP Benefit Services provides employee benefit administration services for large companies.

"ADP is well known for its payroll services, but we needed to increase brand awareness of the benefits services and provide warm leads for our salespeople," said Eric Tejeda, marketing director for the ADP unit.

In addition to wanting to raise its brand awareness and drive leads to its benefits services business, the company wanted to better target prospects and maximize the sales time of its 24 specialized sales reps, Tejeda said. So it started shopping around for an agency that could help it create and manage an integrated campaign.

"I wanted a vendor that could bring the whole program together," Tejeda said. "Abovo brought us that expertise through its partnership with Aelera."

Abovo Group, Atlanta, is a strategic marketing consulting firm that has a technology partnership with Aelera, also based in Atlanta. Abovo helped ADP launch an integrated campaign, and Aelera built the campaign management system.

Building a solid list

One of the first challenges was building a solid list of prospects to target. ADP wanted to upsell its benefits services to existing payroll services customers, and those contacts were stored in a centralized data warehouse. But, in most cases, the contact information didn’t include data on the benefits administrator, so ADP turned to its sales force to update the information.

"Turned out it wasn’t that easy," said Chuck Stallworth, COO of Aelera, which built the list. "We had to take data from 24 sources and match it against data in the [ADP] data warehouse," he said.

Aelera did that, building a consolidated database using Oracle software. Then it cleaned the data and built a Web interface so the sales reps could review and revise the list.

After Aelera had developed a clean, qualified database of prospects, ADP launched the campaign, developed by Abovo Group, in January. The continuing campaign, with a tagline of "Everyone benefits," includes e-mail and direct mail.

To more effectively target prospects, ADP segmented its database into groups based on their propensity to buy benefits services. It then began a seven-pronged campaign that focused on different topics such as flexible spending accounts and open enrollment.

Each month, ADP sends HTML e-mail messages to approximately 30,000 names from its database (all names are on an opt-in basis) encouraging users to click to a landing page to learn more about ADP and a featured service. On the landing page, users can download white papers, sign up for "Webinars" on the featured topic and request other information.

In addition, 10,000 prospects deemed to have a higher propensity to buy also receive a printed direct mail piece with additional product information. And 1,000 names receive a premium direct mailing with a coffee basket and coffee mug, as well as product information about ADP Benefits Services.

"What we’re trying to do is offer a thought-leadership call to action for those people we’re targeting who have a specific need," Tejeda said.

Pleasing results

So far, ADP has been pleased with the campaign’s results, citing the ability to fine-tune the ongoing program through the campaign management system.

The campaign has received a 2.3% click-through rate, and more than 700 white papers have been downloaded.

With the campaign management system, sales reps can see in real-time which customers or prospects in their territory have clicked on the landing page, downloaded a white paper or requested additional information.

"It bridges the gap between marketing and sales," Tejeda said. "The ability to zone in on exactly who downloaded the white paper allows you to follow up with those people and target them directly and go to the next step."

The campaign management system also has a calendar function that allows sales reps to view future marketing pieces, when they will go out and who they will reach. The sales force also may revise the contact list based on the relevancy of the information to the target.

"The ability to match up who the campaign will touch, from the printed or e-mail pieces, with [sales reps’] phone efforts, and to integrate it together, has helped make the campaign more effective," Tejeda said.

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