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Company URL Phone Key exec Product/Description
Business Objects
(800) 527-0580 Franz Aman, VP-business intelligence platform product marketing BusinessObjects Text Analysis: Reads text in 30-plus languages, extracts information sounstructured text data can be used as a data source for integration or business intelligence; BusinessObjects Intelligent Search: Search all sources from a single secure search box. Results are reranked for relevance and clustered by people, company and other concepts; BusinessObjects VizServer: Ability to explore relationships and networks (StarTree), trends (TableLens) and timelines (TimeWall).
Cognos Inc. (800) 426-4667 N/A IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence: Guided exploration of information pertaining to all dimensions of your business, regardless of where the data are stored. Analyze and report against online analytical processing (OLAP) and dimensionally aware relational sources; IBM Cognos TM1: Consolidate, view and edit enormous volumes of multidimensional data. Using a 64-bit, in-memory OLAP server, TM1 can support financial performance management; IBM Cognos 8 Analysis for Microsoft Excel: Explore and analyze information from data sources in Microsoft Excel. Perform ad-hoc analysis of planning and financial data
IBM Corp.
(800) 426-4968 N/A IBM WebSphere Software
(678) 319-8000 Tony Compton, director-product marketing, CRM Infor CRM Outbound Marketing: Streamline complex campaign processes and develop targeted campaigns using data analytics and segmentation; Infor CRM Inbound Marketing: Create a real-time customer profile and then apply analytics and business rules to deliver offers at the moment of interaction.
Microsoft Corp.
(800) 426-9400 N/A Office PerformancePoint Server 2007: Provides monitoring, analytics and planning capabilities. Helps articulate goals, monitor business activity, identify and analyze issues, and collaborate.
MicroStrategy Inc. www.micro
(703) 848-8600 N/A MicroStrategy 8: Enables companies to convert volumes of data into meaningful insights for decision-makers across their organizations.
(800) 633-0738 John Kopcke, senior VP-enterprise performance management global business unit Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation: Provides BI and analytic capabilities based on category-leading products for OLAP, interactive dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, proactive detection and alerts, advanced reporting and publishing, mobile analytics, desktop gadgets; Oracle Business Intelligence Applications: Intuitive, role-based intelligence for everyone in an organization enabling better decisions, actions and business processes; Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System: Supports the entire financial management cycle of goal-setting, modeling, planning, monitoring, analysis and reporting.
SAS (919) 677-8000 Mary Crissey, global marketing manager SAS Enterprise Miner: Streamlines data mining to create predictive and descriptive models based on data analysis; SAS Forecast Server: Generates forecasts; SAS/OR: Optimization, project scheduling and simulation techniques.
Teradata Corp. (937)-242-4786 Randy Lea, VP-products-services marketing Data Warehouse/ Database systems: Analytical databases used for business intelligence; Marketing and Customer Management Software: Customer relationship desktop software portfolio for analyzing customers and communicating; Master Data Management: Software used for managing, defining and analyzing data.
TFC Inc. (707) 224-6161 Alex Peake, VP MarketingPlatform: Automates four key marketing activities: dashboard/metrics, analytics, campaign deisgn and execution.
Xert Communications Corp. (703) 838-9847 Dave Battaglini, CEO Xert Precision Suite: Campaign management and analytics tools to collect and organizecontacts, execute targeted e-mail marketing and events marketing, and optimize online results.
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