Andersen kicks 'Arthur' to the curb

Accenture's branding is Andersen's gain

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There is speculation among consultants and branding experts that Andersen stands to gain much from the considerable brand-building Accenture did under the Andersen Consulting moniker. "They got the word and all the brand equity that went into it," said Christine Blake, naming director at Addis, a Berkeley, Calif.-based branding firm.

Blake's is a strong argument. In 2000 alone, Accenture spent $34 million in traditional advertising on its then Andersen Consulting brand, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Arthur Andersen, meanwhile, spent $3 million.

Accenture, for its part, is not outwardly concerned that Andersen is stealing its marketing thunder. "It doesn't matter at all," said Roxanne Taylor, a partner at Accenture. "We're confident there won't be any confusion."

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