Anti-spyware principles adopted by Web Analytics Association

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Washington, D.C.—The nonprofit Web Analytics Association announced Monday it has adopted an anti-spyware statement of principles that distinguishes legitimate Web analytics vendors that use browser cookies to measure Web site traffic from deceptive spyware software perpetrators. “Unethical spyware purveyors are giving honest Web analytics vendors a black eye,” said Ben Isaacson, privacy and compliance leader for CheetahMail, who has been among executives pushing the adoption of anti-spyware principles for the WAA. Certain components of analytics tools, such as cookies and Web beacons, are being confused with spyware software, the association said. The WAA said it is committed to educating the public about the benefits of cookies and Web beacons, and dispelling the myth that these are spyware. The WAA’s Anti-Spyware Statement of Principles is available at .
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