ARM partners with UBM Electronics to grow annual conference

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ARM Holdings has seen demand for its chip architecture stretch past its mobile roots and into new markets. The proliferation has reshaped the audience at its annual ARM Technology Conference, and last year the company tapped United Business Media to help shepherd the event's evolution. “ARM architecture went from a mobile solution to a solution for the entire embedded market,” said Erik Ploof, ARM's director of corporate communications, who has overseen the development of the event from its inception. “We wanted to bring this to a new level. We had an opportunity to reach out to the broader community, and we needed a strong marketing channel.” The collaboration yielded significant change. UBM identified two different audiences at the event and segmented content into tracks. Day one content focused on chip development, with the following two days devoted to engineers using those chips in products. The change streamlined audience and exhibitor participation, helping increase return on investment. The media company brought to the table its connections within the electronics vertical as well as a strong online presence and a reputation for producing successful events like the Embedded Systems Conferences. “They have credibility in the embedded marketplace,” Ploof said. “They enabled partners to feel quite confident in participating in the event.” That confidence helped the conference strengthen its existing advisory board and establish a marketing council made up of partners. The advisory board drove the development of content for the event, ensuring relevance and increasing the value of technical tracks. The marketing council provided input and resources to develop and promote contests and other engagement initiatives that helped the event generate buzz and attract attendees. “People started to look at this as a partner-driven event as opposed to a company-driven event,” Ploof said. Attendance grew by more than 54% to 2,575 people, and David Blaza, VP-UBM Electronics, said he expects to see that number increase again this November, when the event convenes at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. UBM devoted last year to shoring up content and building confidence with partners, he said. This year, the focus is on increasing momentum. “Nothing builds success like success,” he said. ARM has seen increased interest in the event from its more than 800 partners. The marketing council has increased in size and seniority, Ploof said, and more companies have inquired about submitting white papers. The event will continue to expand the technology content of the sessions and dedicate more content to the day-one hardware community, he said. Organizers will also work to bring in new technologies that had a small presence last year and to increase awareness of the energy efficiency of its architecture.
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