Asia-Pacific has most search activity; Google sites still rank at top

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Reston, Va.—ComScore, an online measurement company, on Wednesday released its first study of search activity on a global basis based on data from its qSearch 2.0 service. More than 750 million people age 15 and older conducted 61 billion searches in August, an average of more than 80 searches per searcher.

The Asia-Pacific region had 258 million unique searchers who conducted 20.3 billion searches. Europe reported the second-most searchers (210 million) and searches (18 billion), followed by North America, (206 million searchers, 16 billion searches).

Latin America demonstrated the heaviest search activity per person, with more than 95 searches per searcher in August. The search market in the Middle East-Africa region is the most underdeveloped, with the fewest searchers (30 million), searches (2 billion) and searches per searcher (70).

“With the tremendous volume of search activity occurring around the world, search continues to present an abundance of marketing opportunities to companies on both a global and local scale,” said Bob Ivins, exec VP-international markets at comScore, in a statement.

Google sites ranked as the top worldwide search property in August with 37.1 billion searches conducted. Of that number, 31 billion occurred at the Google search engine and 5 billion at Yahoo sites ranked second with 8.5 billion searches, while, a Chinese-language search engine, followed in third place with more than 3.2 billion searches.

—Carol Krol

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