Attention Washington: Follow the lead of digital media

People power

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We believe in investing, in creating, in building, in taking risks and, as corny as it sounds, in following a dream. We believe in a global marketplace, with limited international trade barriers and boundless international trade. Our overriding mission is to create value. We are, at the core, unabashed optimists. The net result is we work to create meaningful, sustaining, fulfilling jobs in a growth business that is just beginning to hit its stride. The last thing an industry like ours—such a dynamic, growing, employment-generating industry—needs is more government regulation. In fact, if politicians really want to get this country moving again, they need to first recognize the importance of industries like ours to the broader economy. Second, they need to encourage the growth and development of industries like ours. And third, they need to help better prepare the young people of our nation for success in this global, 21st century, technology-oriented marketplace.
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