How well do you know the audience visiting your company website, and do you serve them specialized content based on their behavior?

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Tom Gaudreau, VP-client development, Puresafety
“PureSafety pays very close attention to key metrics surrounding our websites. In addition to standard Web analytics software, we leverage Marketo and the Marketo Sales Insight tool to track what our known [people in our database] and unknown visitors ]tracked by IP address] are doing on the site. This allows the PureSafety marketing and sales organization to have better visibility into how people are interacting within our site, what they are most interested in, what's driving conversions [demo forms and sales contact] and even what to discuss on a future sales call. PureSafety also serves a wide variety of customer personas. So when we launched our new website in December 2010, we included a "decision engine' that allows visitors to define their website experience by profession, industry or specific need. This allows visitors to gain quicker access to more-specialized content, including product demos, success stories, articles and white papers based on their input.”

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