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Challenge: Business telecommunications company Avaya needed to refresh its outdated Web site.

“We knew we needed to evolve as the business was evolving,” said Renee Rodgers, senior director-interactive at the Basking Ridge, N.J.-based company. “Our Web site was 4½ years old, and that didn't really scream front-runner in the industry.”

Complaints about the site showed up in user feedback, with customers saying the site's navigation was confusing, meaning they were unable to reach easily the products page.

Avaya's site needed to be redesigned with two key objectives in mind: drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Solution: Avaya reached out to interactive and digital advertising agency R/GA. The New York-based agency, which had a six-year relationship with Avaya, developed a platform based on three pillars.

“More than anything, we wanted simplification in the business initiative,” said Carina Rolley, managing director at R/GA. “We presented a vision for the Web site that revolved around simplifying the user experience, demonstrating the technology and distributing the assets globally.”

Avaya and R/GA also partnered with search marketing agency iCrossings, Scottsdale, Ariz., and GlobalWorks, a company specializing in technology presentation, to create the new site, which was relaunched earlier this year.

Among other changes, the redesign placed registration opportunities in key locations; improved navigation and solution finders to help customers connect with relevant content;, and added tools to help clients evaluate solutions by calculating ROI.

“The collaboration among agencies was unlike anything I'd ever seen,” Rodgers said. “The new site meant we could reach people across the globe and really focus on the user.”

Results: Following the site's relaunch, Avaya experienced an 11% increase in registrations across all traffic sources. The number of customers reaching an offer page swelled from 18% to 48%. With better search results, Avaya has seen an increase in relevant visitor traffic as well.

Perhaps most important to Rodgers and the Avaya team, the site has seen a 28% increase in its overall favorable rating from user feedback.

“We've seen really reassuring results,” Rolley said. “The stronger navigation tools mean more positive feedback and better numbers.”

The redesign has led to the tangible results Avaya had hoped for, making it easier for customers to start and expand relationships with the company.

“Personalization and customization are key,” Rodgers said. “That's our goal.”

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