B-to-b XML standard demonstrated

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San Jose, Calif.--The first demonstration of a new b-to-b XML specification was held here Wednesday by several industry standard bodies. The EbXML standard aims to standardize a broad swath of b-to-b business interactions. The proposed standard crosses industries and marketplacesÏand that's exactly the point. It aims to be the glue that allows, for instance, an automaker to not only standardize the process for communicating with its top suppliers, but also provide a common language for talking with second-tier suppliers in the metals, plastics and other industries. The effort is being sponsored by OASIS, an XML standards body, and standards bodies at the United Nations. Supporters of EbXML include IBM, Oracle, Sun, Commerce OneÏalmost 100 top vendors and big users. Missing is Microsoft, which is pursuing its own XML strategy with BizTalk.
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