Based on your experiences, what's one thing you've learned about using search for marketing?

Teresa L. Poggenpohl, executive director, global image, Accenture

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“Search is now a pervasive channel that is no longer an option, but a ‘marketing must.' It provides an amazing opportunity to find people who have expressed interest in a topic or a company; it enables you to call on those raising their hands in an online environment.

“Think of your response to the target's click as a marketing campaign by creating a landing page that provides content and offers aligned to the topic being searched. This will enhance conversion and invite brand engagement. Bottom line: If they find what they're looking for, they will engage with you; if they don't, they'll move on—which means a lost opportunity.

“It is essential that you manage your portfolio of words on a daily or weekly basis so that you capture insights into what works and what doesn't and make changes in real time. You need to think of search as dynamic and not static.”

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