Getting Belted

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Vancouver isn't the only destination buzzing with winter excursions this season. Using DoubleTake Marketing's patent-pending, AdSpressive Graphics system, Clear Channel Airports created an arctic wonderland inside Chicago's O'Hare International Airport last month—with moving advertisements of children on skis, sleds and snowmobiles—on baggage-claim beltways throughout Terminals 1 and 3. Each campaign image promoted tourism to the state of Wyoming. “Baggage-claim advertisements take advantage of the 17-plus minutes travelers wait for luggage to arrive from the plane, providing advertisers the ability to tell their story to a captive audience,” said Zack Clark, COO of Double-Take Marketing. Dave Moorehouse, media director at Barnhart Com-munications, agreed that “Promoting Wyoming's overall brand and winter activities allowed [the state] access to the traveling public in Chicago in a new and unique way.” Clear Channel Airports, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Outdoor, offers airport baggage carousel ads in more than 20 domestic markets, including Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia and St. Louis. Ad sizes vary from 20-foot segments to entire luggage belt branding.

Tanya Meyer

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