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Name: Mark Bisnow Title: Senior VP in the office of the CEO Company: WebMethods Inc., Fairfax, Va.
During his nine years as a Capitol Hill lawyer, Mark Bisnow held jobs that could be called quixotic, such as press secretary to 1980 independent presidential candidate John B. Anderson, as well as heady, including counsel to Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole. His latest post as senior VP in the office of the CEO at WebMethods Inc. is far more straightforward: To make the integration software developer better known among business executives.

To Bisnow, this means simplifying an explanation of what WebMethods does, so that all business people—not just IT eggheads—get it. "What I would like to do is bring the character of WebMethods to broader public attention," Bisnow said. "This means explaining that it helps computers talk to each other, not that it does software integration."

Since joining WebMethods in March, Bisnow has been the company's de facto marketing emissary, visiting clients with that very message. It's a concept other b-to-b companies would do well to follow, Bisnow said. This is especially so when approaching the non-technical executives who often run Fortune 500 companies.

"The danger in tech companies marketing themselves to the world is that they remain technical in their explanation, though their importance transcends the technical," he said.

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