The benefits of campaign management software

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Whether you’re sending one campaign a month or one an hour, you’re probably familiar with campaign management software. Such software helps you segment, send and keep track of your electronic campaigns, and it’s available in both “software as a service” (SAS) and in-house configurations. Robert Arena, VP-interactive at advertising agency Carton Donofrio Partners, and Mark Bell, VP-business development for North America at marketing technology company smartFOCUS Inc., outline the top benefits of campaign management software.

  • It helps your e-mails make it to the in-box. Unless you’re sending your messages one by one, e-mails sent from a simple e-mail program will go to a group, making it more likely that your message will drop into the spam folder. Campaign management software lets you send messages that are personalized to an individual—from their name to what offer they receive, Arena said.
  • It frees you from the office. You can use the software to set up behavior-driven triggers that function 24/7. For example, Bell said, if your prospect or customer visits a certain page on your Web site, or buys something specific—even if it’s outside business hours—you can automatically send them a follow-up message based on preset rules. “You can set up an almost unlimited number of trigger campaigns based around individual buying or browsing habits,” he said. “You don’t need IT to set them up, either. It comes down to the fact that you can improve your communications based on the quality of the triggers and how they relate to the campaign selection process.”
  • It automates CAN-SPAM compliance. You can’t play games with compliance, Arena said. If a customer requests they be taken off your list, you’ve got to make it happen—and fast. Campaign management software can help you make sure you’ve purged an address from your list and that you won’t mistakenly send to that address again.
  • It provides instant, detailed feedback on testing. Industry experts are proponents of testing, but you can’t test unless you have analytics to prove your point, Arena said. Most analytic software lets you track messages so you see where, how and when your messages are delivered, as well as if they were opened, passed along and clicked on. While basic e-mail programs do some of the same, campaign management software allows you to track an individual message as well as messages on the aggregate.
  • You can segment your list with precise granularity. While it’s useful to split an e-mail list into demographic chunks, it’s even more useful to segment a list based on what list members are buying—either by dollar amount or specific types of products, Bell said. “It lets you make your marketing dollars more effective and it also lets you link all your campaigns to help fit needs and buying patterns,” he said.
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