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A. There is already a well-established core of local publishers in most industry segments, but there is an opportunity to bring global market coverage to the Indian market. The best businesses right now are print and small events. Still, online is expected to explode as broadband penetrates quickly over the next two years. Although rapidly growing, the market and its associated rates are quite small compared to the U.S., which means we need to work with Indian customers and audience to create products they will use at prices they are willing to pay. At this time, there is also a lack of large, quality venues for producing major expos. The challenge of doing business in India is the rapid increase in wages and the high employee turnover— a function of the many opportunities that this skilled work force has open to it. Our parent company, United Business Media, has established an infrastructure and business platform in Mumbai that we have been able to leverage for CRN and Network Computing, which were recently transferred from our licensee to CMP. So we have entered the market and are looking forward to establishing our other brands and products there.
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