The Big Questions

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Q. How has b-to-b publishing changed in the 10 years you've headed your organization?

A. When I got here in '94, we were just coming out of a recession. In '94 billings were up about 3% to 4% over '93. Now, this year we're looking at about 2% to 3% over '03. The difference is, back then the industry was up because of one silo-computers-which means the industry as a whole didn't really recover until '95 or '96. The big difference this time around is that this is a broader-based recovery.

Q. How has the organization, which changed its name from American Business Press to American Business Media in 2000, changed during your tenure?

A. Our industry has always had the marvelous ability to find new top-line growth areas. After the recession in the early '90s, they became involved in trade shows. Fast forward into the present, and we have rich data and continuing education in health care. We're not going to do another name change, but we've really become business-to-business information providers.

Q. You surfed as a young man in Los Angeles. What did that experience teach you about running ABM?

A. Keep your head above water.

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