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Q. Is there any impact from the election on postal reform?

A. Yes, there is. Congress proved itself unable to pass postal reform in the last session, even with the support of the administration. Now, with the administration given another four years and larger Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, it seems that [an] administration-led initiative for postal reform, including meaningful cost control, probably stands a better chance of passage.

Q. What do you mean by "meaningful cost control"?

A. There are only two ways to control postal costs. One is facilities costs, and the other is labor costs. The facilities costs, obviously, impact the labor costs. The natural alignment has always seen the Democrats more aligned with labor interests and less inclined to offend. With strong Republican control [of Congress], it may be possible to confront facilities and labor costs.

Q. What other government or legal issues should b-to-b publishers be aware of currently?

A. I was just speaking with another ABM member who is a defendant in a class action suit for sending out faxes. The nature of the game seems to have shifted from demand letters for $1,500 to class action lawsuits. The former are easier to handle, the latter are not. You need to be in compliance with the fax laws now, even though they might be changed in the future.

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