Bizo introduces Bizo Audience Marketing Platform

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Bizo, an online ad network that reaches businesspeople, this week launched its Bizo Audience Marketing Platform. BAMP provides a dashboard that enables b-to-b marketers to precisely target and segment a business audience and adjust ad campaigns on the fly.

The dashboard provides access to data on what audience segments a campaign is reaching and how the ads are performing. Marketers can also use it to refine the message to maximize ROI.

“Audience marketing is the key to higher impact, efficient marketing, and Bizo makes this a reality through precision reach and measurement of business audiences from a marketer's or publisher's site to anywhere they travel,” Chris Mann, Bizo's director of product management, said in a statement.

BAMP is designed to help publishers make the most of their online audience. “The pendulum is swinging back” toward the publishers and away from third-party networks, said Chuck Richard, VP-lead analyst at research firm Outsell Inc.

A key entry on the to-do list of most b-to-b publishers is to make more money from their online audiences. “We think understanding an audience means money,” Richard said.

Historically, publishers have struggled to have a deep understanding of their online audiences. “In general, b-to-b site owners and b-to-b publishers know less about their audiences than the ad networks they work with, than Google, than analytics providers,” said Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo.

BAMP can help publishers expand their knowledge of exactly who is visiting their sites. “Most every publisher has Google Analytics on their site,” Glass said. “It does a good job of telling you what happens on your site, but it's not going to tell you anything about who's doing it.”

Publishers that offer access to remnant advertising inventory and visitor data earn 60% of what Bizo gets for selling the audience. They earn a smaller percentage for offering only remnant inventory (40%) or only visitor data (20%).

Bizo has always emphasized that it strives not to compete with publishers. With its new BAMP offering, however, it may be creeping a little closer to being a competitor. With BAMP, Bizo can segment audiences more precisely, which is exactly the value proposition b-to-b publishers offer and is what earns them their relatively high CPMs.

In the past, Bizo's value proposition was, in the main, aggregating a business audience and offering a horizontal buy for nonendemic advertising across that audience. “The more they target, the more they become like another competitive ad network,” InfoCommerce CEO Russell Perkins said of Bizo. “They have to walk a very careful middle line [between marketers and publishers].”

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