Blame it on 'The Boss'

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Always blamed for your work woes? Well this time, you might actually be justified in doing so. In his novel, “The Boss” (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2009), Australian author Andrew O'Keeffe shows there's a direct correlation between the way your manager treats you and your workplace happiness. Though a fictional account, O'Keeffe's novel is based on true stories of nightmare bosses who wreak havoc on their employees. “Simply uttering the word "boss' drives an emotional response,” he said. “People are instantly positive or negative, based on their past experience.” The senior human resources executive-turned-writer looked at a number of studies for his novel and found the top factor in determining workplace satisfaction is the immediate manager. In a study of 60,000 exit interviews, 80% of the employees who quit their jobs did so because of their boss. O'Keeffe wrote this book to “demonstrate to both executives and employees that it doesn't have to be this way ... in a civilized society, happy workers should not be a dying breed.”
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