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Challenge: Infrastructure-as-a-service company Bluelock provides cloud computing services—leasing servers, routers, firewalls and network switches—to designers and developers of software-as-a-service. The nearly 3-year-old, Indianapolis-based company has 80 clients and is growing more than 300% a year.

Still, as a relatively new company in a growing industry, Bluelock has had some serious challenges related to its marketing strategy.

"Originally, our overall marketing goals were to build a brand and establish a national foothold," said Brian Wolff, Bluelock's VP-sales and marketing. "Part of that was and is convincing people to trust us and put their data on servers somewhere else, and when we started, SaaS [software as a service] was still emerging. And we needed to do all that on a shoestring budget."

Solution: After assessing the marketing options available, Bluelock chose search marketing as a primary vehicle, with organic search its main thrust.

"If someone searches for "cloud computing,' that's hard to win if you're bidding on the term; but if your results turn up at the top of an organic search alongside those paid companies, it gives your brand a lift," he said. In order to achieve that, Wolff wanted a way to add more content to the site on a day-to-day basis.

This past September, Bluelock chose Compendium Blogware, a corporate blogging software provider, to augment its organic search work and help boost its search engine visibility.

Compendium's software helps promote the 15 keyword phrases and related blogs that Bluelock has identified as important to its marketing strategy. The software helps the company create and populate new pages on its Web site with those specific words.

"Compendium helps me focus on more ways that I can be clever and exploit connections to our phrases that aren't as obvious," Wolff said. "We're using it to win long-tail searches and win on multiple levels."

Results: Today, traffic from organic search is "growing steadily," Wolff said. For example, during a recent two month period, Bluelock received 64 visits from the keyword phrase "advantages of cloud computing." Prior to working with Compendium's software, it received no visits from that search term.

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