Bluedot chief guides firm’s metamorphosis

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Craig Barberich faces a heady task in completely changing the business mission of his company. For five years, the CEO of Bluedot Software Inc. has shepherded a consulting operation that specialized in helping big companies automate the marketing of trade shows, seminars and other face-to-face marketing events. On June 30, Bluedot will turn into a software vendor, selling an Enterprise Event Automation brand of product.

E-commerce will play a key part in both the product and Bluedot’s transformation, Barberich said.

For starters, Bluedot’s software includes components that allow people to sign up for marketing events on the Internet.

"For transactions, there’s no going back—no one wants to send in a fax anymore and wait," Barberich said. "We’re not a slam-dunk e-commerce company, but we’re recognizing that there are e-commerce components to what we do."

On the marketing side, Bluedot plans an extranet to link customers and prospects to its latest innovations. And much of the company’s direct marketing will be Internet-based. However, Bluedot will continue to focus sales efforts through its outside sales force and the trade shows, seminars and other events its software handles.

"Ours is a complex product, and we know that just about no one will say, ‘Here’s a couple hundred thousand dollars because I read about you in a direct mail piece,’" he said.

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