BPA Worldwide board announces rule changes

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Shelton, Conn.—The BPA Worldwide board announced Tuesday that it approved a number of new rules and amendments.

In an effort to reduce confusion, the board voted to change “digital” to “electronic edition” throughout the rule book when referring to electronic versions of print publications and magazines.

The board ruled that effective with December 2008 circulation statements and audit reports, historical data will now be reported for the previous three years, in six-month (circulation statement) intervals instead of the previous five-year, annual reporting requirements.

The board ruled that paid copies currently being reported as “request from recipient’s company” will now be reported as “direct request from the recipient.” The BPA said that this change is intended to provide consistency to both media owners and buyers regardless of which audit organization is used.

In a “green initiative,” the board voted to make the printing of circulation statements and audit reports optional for all members.

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