Breaking down the events silo

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After a four-year stint as CEO of Homes & Land and the Printing House, b-to-b media veteran Patrick Nadler last month rejoined Cygnus Business Media as VP-business development. Nadler, who worked for Cygnus from 1985 through 2005, will also serve as brand director for Cygnus' Aviation & Trans-portation Group. MB: What's your online strategy for Cygnus moving forward? Nadler: It's a matter of using new forms of media, whether online video or podcasts, and finding new ways to reach advertisers. With 15 different vertical markets [including Fire Rescue and EMS, Jewelry and Security], we have to trip the trigger for a very diverse group of people online. MB: What are doing to enhance integrated communications for the Aviation & Transportation Group? Nadler: The silos have been broken down between print and online; and both editorial and sales now work in tandem. The last silo is with events. We have to work to connect our trade shows with the rest of the organization because advertisers are telling us that they want to work with one point person. MB: How do you intend to improve communications between the sales and marketing divisions? Nadler: Sales and marketing are one in the same, and a lot of our publishers are working on sales and marketing functions. In most cases, we're all under the same roof, which makes things easier. The biggest thing is to make sure we're talking to customers and prospects about our products. —M.S.
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