Bridgestone: Nashville, Tenn

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Company: Bridgestone, Nashville, Tenn.
Agency: N/A Market: Aircraft manufacturers, corporate executives
Quick chase: A vertical series of photos of the hind end of a Boeing 777 landing on a runway could be dramatic, but the overall image here is bland. The aircraft's gray skin, the faint blue skies and the matching gray of the asphalt runway combine to create a visual that too easily washes past the reader. Lost in the image is the reverse type that competes unsuccessfully with the complicated backdrop. Bridgestone is attempting to make the point that its aircraft tires take quite a licking beneath the enormous weight of the aircraft while racing along the runway at 220 miles an hour at takeoff and 155 miles an hour at touchdown.
Clue: Ramp up the visual sizzle to make this a more pleasant flight.
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