BtoB's Best - Direct (Multi): Google Inc.

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Google Inc. Agency: Church of London, London Campaign: “Think Quarterly 2011-2012” Launch date: July 2011 Creative credits: Art directors: Rob Longworth, Victoria Talbot; editorial: Matt Bochenski, Allison Mooney, Rich Pleeth; producers: Danny Miller, Ailsa Cane, Laura McClung, Christina Park, Carolina Lasso Why we liked it: If there's any company that has changed the way we search for information online—and market to people who are searching for information online—it's Google. So when this titan of Silicon Valley uses an old-school marketing tactic like direct mail, recipients are almost guaranteed to take notice. The company created a quarterly publication targeting C-level executives with a smart look at the big picture. Each edition takes on a different theme—concepts like creativity, innovation, people, data—and explores the topic in depth. The elegantly designed publication does for businesspeople what consumer magazines do for their readers: It offers an escape, an opportunity to step above the fray of the day-to-day and aspire to something loftier. Recipients are likely to walk away inspired, thinking about how they can move their business forward and, whether or not they realize it, how Google can help them get there.

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