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Phone: 415-547-8404
Circulation: 125,000
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:$21,762 1-page 4/C
Comments:Baseline is a model of the new, more nimble tech publication, aiming for a smaller audience and discussing best practices.

Business 2.0
Phone: 415-293-4820
Circulation: 550,000
Ad revenue:$15.6 million
Ad rate:$48,500 1-page 4/C
Comments:Acquired by AOL Time-Warner and merged with eCompany Now, Business 2.0 looks to be the strongest tech business magazine.

Phone: 508-935-4796
Circulation: 140,000
Ad revenue:$50.3 million
Ad rate:$25,790 1-page 4/C
Comments:CIO continues to generate award-winning content for arguably the most important person in the enterprise.

Phone: 800-343-6474
Circulation: 200,000
Ad revenue:$48.3 million
Ad rate:$29,235 1-page 4/C
Comments:Computerworld turns 35 this year and has survived by evolving—case in point, the recent honing of its circulation and editorial to reach IT managers at midsize and large enterprises.

Phone: 516-562-5240
Circulation: 440,000
Ad revenue:$137.5 million
Ad rate:$46,400 1-page, 4C
Comments: (See profile)

PC World
Phone: 1-800-PC WORLD
Circulation: 1,260,879
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:$68,485 1-page 4/C
Comments: Like all tech pubs, PCWorld’s ad revenues have fallen, but it remains the most-read computer magazine, according to Mediamark Research Inc.



Phone: 212-512-4611
Circulation: 971,756
Ad revenue:$573.3 million
Ad rate:$94,800 1-page 4/C
Comments:In a down year, BusinessWeek remained the leader of the Big 3 business books in terms of revenue, and it looked beyond North America, growing its worldwide circulation to 1.2 million.

The Economist
Phone: 212-541-0500
Circulation: 386,000 (North America)
Ad revenue:$61.3 million
Ad rate:$26,900 1-page 4/C
Comments:(See profile)

Phone: 212-620-2496
Circulation: 907,266
Ad revenue:$305.8 million
Ad rate:$77,760 1-page 4/C
Comments:Beyond focusing on its enduring brand, Forbes’ sales pitch is that it reaches more C-level execs at a lower CPM than its competitors.

Phone: 212-522-5082
Ad revenue:$333.8 million
Ad rate:$78,200 1-page 4/C
Comments: (See Profile)


Industry Week
Phone: 216-931-9277
Circulation: 200,000
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:$23,144 1-page 4/C
Comments:In a recession, industrial executives look for better ways to manage their businesses, which is the focus of Industry Week’s editorial. Internet.



CBS MarketWatch
Phone: 415-733-0582
Traffic: 5.4 million unique users a month
Ad revenue:$18 million
Ad rate:CPM $40
Comments:The combination of financial reporting and the CBS brand name draws a large business crowd, and 18% of CBS MarketWatch users are senior management.

CNET Networks
Phone: 415-344-2866
Traffic: 67 million unique browsers a month
Ad revenue: $52 million
Ad rate: N/A
Comments: (See profile)
Phone: 202-452-0800
Traffic: 180,000 unique visitors a month
Ad revenue:$1.5 million Ad rates: Sponsorships are from $2,000 to $150,000, CPM from $30 to $300.
Comments:A comprehensive online catalog of more than 90,000 building products, Hanley-Wood L.L.C.’s is about as close as an old-line publisher has come to facilitating e-commerce.

Phone: 212-624-9608
Audience: 36.5 million global unique users a month
Ad revenue: N/A Ad rates: $200 and up (campaigns can reach several million dollars)
Comments: (See profile)

INT Media’s
Phone: 212-547-7905
Traffic: 20 million unique users a month
Ad revenue:$44 million
Ad rate:CPM $40 to $60
Comments:Formerly known as, Alan Meckler’s INT Media is doing what the Internet does best—creating niche products such as

New York
Phone: 646-698-8059
Traffic: 6.7 million unique visitors a month
Ad revenue:$14.4 million
Ad rate:CPM $15 to $40 for banners has been the No. 1 newspaper site for the past two years and leads the news category for time spent per user.

Phone: 781-657-1000
Traffic: Registered membership of 2.25 million enterprise IT professionals, and 3.5 million unique visitors a month
Ad revenue:$18 million Ad rates: Varies
Comments:TechTarget was one of the few b-to-b media companies to grow in 2001, increasing revenues 140% while tech rivals’ numbers slid by 30% or more.

Phone: 781-839-1213
Traffic: More than 1 million unique visitors a month
Ad revenue:$1.4 million
Ad rate:CPM $50 to $150
Comments:TechWeb is the combined Web site for CMP titles InformationWeek, Network Computing and
Phone: 212-290-8738
Traffic: 1.4 million unique visitors in fourth quarter of 2001
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:N/A
Comments:This database of small, regional manufacturers connects industrial buyers and sellers in local markets across the country. It has created 6,000 online storefronts for industrial suppliers.
Phone: 212-587-5941
URL: Subscribers: 640,000
Ad revenue:$17.1 million
Ad rate:CPM minimum $35
Comments:The Wall Street Journal’s online edition is one of the few successful paid content models on the Web.


ABC’s Academy Awards telecast
Phone: 212-456-7272
Audience: 41.8 million
Ad revenue:$61.6 million
Ad rate:$1.25 million for 30-second spot
Comments:“The Super Bowl for women” attracted many b-to-b advertisers in 2002, including UPS, ING, American Express and Apple Computer.

Bloomberg Radio
Phone: 212-318-2637
Audience: 483,000 cumulative average every quarter hour
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:$500 for a 30-second rotating spot
Comments:With Bloomberg Radio’s business focus, executives can find the financial content they want in their cars or at their desks.

CBS telecast of The Masters
Phone: 212-975-4321
Audience: 34.3 million (final round)
Ad revenue:$10.7 million
Ad rate:$200,000 for a 30-second spot
Comments:If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. Citicorp and IBM Corp. were b-to-b advertisers on this year’s telecast.

CNBC ‘BusinessDay’
Phone: 212-664-3100
Audience: 304,000 households
Ad revenue:$472.9 million (for total network)
Ad rate:$2,000 for 30-second spot
Comments:CNBC delivers a high-powered business audience; 51% hold top management positions, and the channel is watched in offices, health clubs and bars not measured by Nielsen Media Research.

CNN’s ‘Moneyline’
Phone: 212 852-6900
Audience: 463,000 households per telecast
Ad revenue: $22.2 million
Ad rate: est. $15,000-$25,000 per 30-second spot
Comments: (See profile)

ESPN NHL telecasts
Phone: 212-456-1905
Audience: 801,708 households during playoffs
Ad revenue:$70.4 million (regular season)
Ad rate:$10,000 for 30-second spot
Comments:B-to-b advertisers such as IBM Corp. have used NHL playoff hockey to reach male, upscale business decision-makers when they’re away from the office.

Fox News Channel’s ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’
Phone: 212 301-3000
Audience: 699,000 households
Ad revenue: $15.6 million
Ad rate: N/A
Comments: (See profile)

National Public Radio’s ‘All Things Considered’
Phone: 202-513-2070
Audience: 11.9 million listeners weekly on 559 public radio stations Underwriting revenue: N/A Underwriting rate: $6,000 per 10-second unit
Comments:Computer Associates, Siemens and other b-to-b marketers have helped underwrite NPR’s “All Things Considered,” thereby reaching an upscale audience during drive time in a clutter-free environment.

NBC’s ‘The West Wing’
Phone: 212-664-4000
Audience: 17.3 million
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:$350,000 for 30-second spot
Comments:A recent study by Doremus on media habits of top management found that you’re likely to find CEOs in front of “The West Wing.”

The Olympics on NBC
Phone: 212 664-4444
Audience: 187 million unique viewers
Ad revenue: $740 million
Ad rate: Approx. $600,000 for 30-second spot



Captivate Network Inc.
Phone: 888-383-3737
Audience: More than 3.6 million viewers a month in high-rise office towers across North America
Ad revenue: N/A
Ad rate: CPM $10 to $20
Comments: (See profile)

Mobile billboard in Las Vegas (Mobile Media Group Inc.)
Phone: 800-242-2343
Audience: 80,000 to 100,000 people per day in Las Vegas
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:Approx. $1,950 (rate varies depending on length of contract)
Comments:B-to-b marketers often use mobile billboards to promote a trade show presence. Companies using Mobile Media Group’s billboards around the country include IBM Corp. and Siemens AG.

O’Hare International Airport
Phone: 312-475-3500
URL: Reach: 17 million impressions a month
Ad revenue:N/A Ad rates: $2,710 (for glass showcase) to $119,250 (full display in United Airlines jetways)
Comments:Forty million business travelers pass through O’Hare annually. Imagine the exposure during those long delays.



Financial Times
Phone: 212-641-6500
Circulation: 125,000 U.S.; 483,000 worldwide
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:$29,600 1-page B/W
Comments:The Financial Times’ strength is its global reach, which allows advertisers to present messages to business executives worldwide.

Investor’s Business Daily
Phone: 800-882-8929
Circulation: 281,173
Ad revenue:N/A Ad rates: $29,120 to $31,945 1-page 4/C
Comments:Attracts b-to-b advertisers with its upscale readership—and the fact that 80% of its readers don’t pick up The Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times
Phone: 212-556-1234
Circulation: 1.2 million daily; 1.7 million Sunday
Ad revenue:$1.1 billion
Ad rate:$136,962 for 1-page B&W
Comments:The New York Times business section is a must-read along the lines of The Wall Street Journal, and the paper is now available in 210 markets nationwide, up from 62 in 1997.

USA Today
Phone: 703-854-4434
Circulation: 2.3 million
Ad revenue:$650.2 million
Ad rate:$110,300 1-page 4/C
Comments:USA Today is the de facto official newspaper of hotels across America, where it reaches a powerful cross-section of traveling business people five days a week.

The Wall Street Journal
Phone: 212-597-5603
Circulation: 1,943,601
Ad revenue: $1.125 billion
Ad rate: $209,301 1-page, 4/C
Comments: (See profile)

TRADE PUBLICATIONSArchitectural Record
Phone: 212-904-2518
Circulation: 107,000
Ad revenue:$23.3 million
Ad rate:$13,950 1-page 4/C
Comments:The official magazine of the American Institute of Architects, Architecural Record reaches key specifiers in a $380 billion industry.

AviationWeek and Space Technology
Phone: 202-383-2318
Circulation: 104,000
Ad revenue:$26.2 million
Ad rate:$16,840 1-page 4/C
Comments:Hands down, the most important aviation publication in the world, AviationWeek has 16 news bureaus around the world and weekly distribution in more than 130 countries.

Phone: 202-452-0800
Circulation: 142,318
Ad revenue:$34.7 million
Ad rate:$14,870 1-page 4/C
Comments:The leading publication in the housing industry, Builder has an impeccable reputation for editorial quality.

Chemical and Engineering News
Phone: 610-964-8061
Circulation: 150,000
Ad revenue:$18 million
Ad rate:$16,650 1-page 4/C
Comments:The official publication of the American Chemical Society, Chemical and Engineering News reaches 46,000 research and development people worldwide.

Farm Journal
Phone: 800-523-1538
Circulation: 582,737
Ad revenue:$17.9 million
Ad rate:$52,500 1-page 4/C
Comments:Farm Journal is among the very few b-to-b publications that grew in 2001, which the company attributes to its ability to target print messages and its cross-platform packages that include television, online and events.

Modern Machine Shop
Phone: 513-527-8800
Circulation: 106,000
Ad revenue:$8.8 million
Ad rate:$4,290 1-page B&W
Comments:B-to-b media strategists know that this pocket-size publication is a powerhouse for reaching the mature manufacturing and metalworking industries.

Nation’s Restaurant News
Phone: 212-756-5000
Circulation: 87,474
Ad revenue:$43.8 million
Ad rate:$15,120 1-page 4/C
Comments:The only paid-circulation newsweekly serving the $410 billion foodservice industry, Nation’s Restaurant News reaches restaurant decision-makers across the U.S.

Oil & Gas Journal
Phone: 713-963-6244
Circulation: 28,016
Ad revenue:$8.1 million
Ad rate:$9,445 1-page 4/C
Comments:Oil & Gas Journal celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, and it remains the only independent petroleum industry publication with 100% paid circulation.

Pharmaceutical Executive
Phone: 732-346-3019
Circulation: 16,507
Ad revenue:$3.7 million
Ad rate:$5,880 1-page 4/C
Comments:Aimed at executives in the global pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, Pharmaceutical Executive recently won American Business Media’s Grand Neal Award for editorial excellence.

Phone: 630-694-4028
Circulation: 28,000
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:$6,977 1-page 4/C
Comments:A leader in the security industry, the publication has only become more important since Sept. 11.

Utility Business
Phone: 610-238-0330
Circulation: 49,736
Ad revenue:N/A
Ad rate:$7,670 1-page 4/C
Comments:Utility Business reaches executives in a $610 billion industry that is grappling with issues ranging from deregulation to the Enron scandal.

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