CA Technologies Breaks Largest-Ever Global Ad Campaign

Q&A: CMO Lauren Flaherty Discusses Strategy for B-to-B Effort

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CA Technologies breaks a multi-million dollar ad campaign today -- its first global ad campaign since Lauren Flaherty was named executive VP-CMO in July 2013, and its largest ever in terms of scope.

The campaign, called "Business, Rewritten by Software," was created by John McNeil Studio, Berkeley, Calif., and Swirl, San Francisco.

It is targeted at C-level executives and includes print, online, out-of-home and mobile.

Ms. Flaherty, who previously served as CMO at Juniper Networks and before that CMO at Nortel Networks, discusses the b-to-b effort with Advertising Age.

Advertising Age: What is the goal of the campaign?

Ms. Flaherty: We designed the "Business, Rewritten by Software" campaign to light up a discussion with our customers and prospects. We see a pretty tectonic market shift happening, and it plays to CA's strengths. Businesses everywhere, of all sizes, are powering transformations enabled by software. CA has both the know-how and the expertise you need in the application economy -- but for many, it's not what comes to mind when they think of us.

CA's heritage -- what we're known for -- is mainframe and infrastructure management, where we continue to excel and innovate. What's less well-known is that the company has been investing for years to build the portfolio our customers need for the future across every platform -- mobile, cloud and mainframe, including SaaS [software as a service] solutions.

This company has a great story to tell -- one that's long overdue -- so our goal is to show why CA is more relevant today than ever before.

Advertising Age: How does this campaign fit into CA's broader marketing strategy?

Ms. Flaherty: Our entire effort is focused on positioning the core CA capabilities that we believe can drive customer value in the application economy. More software-driven business environments; the ability to innovate; secure applications; and managing IT infrastructure as a business enabler have become critical to business success and core to business strategy.

We believe that by discussing the challenges that our customers face, and by prominently featuring how we are enabling our customers today to compete and create value for their businesses and their customers, CA's newer capabilities will come to life. It takes more than just pushing product to show real value -- it requires a clear expression of what our customers are facing and how CA can help drive their success.

Advertising Age: What is your mobile and social strategy?

Ms. Flaherty: There are two important thrusts to the entire campaign. First, we want to be able to engage our customers and prospects anywhere, at any time. So everything has been optimized for mobile, and our content hub is built for mobile.

The second is social. We want to create new connections and open a dialogue that is credible and authentic -- we believe that's key to creating a community of stakeholders. This engagement model -- driven through both paid and earned social -- is where our customers are, where our key influencers are, and where decision-making is taking place. Today's software buyers are learning, evaluating, validating and even purchasing online, so social is a key gateway for us.

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