Case study: Emerging Interest L.L.C. and MediaPost Communications

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Mixing an animated, personalized movie and voice-over message, Emerging Interest L.L.C. and MediaPost Communications in March jointly launched a rich-media e-mail campaign to drive registration to the 2001 Rich Media Road Show, a rich-media technology seminar for media buyers and marketing managers, hosted in three cities earlier this month. The companies sent the e-mails to 20,000 media professionals who previously opted-in to receive messages from the two companies.

Launched in conjunction with direct mail pieces using the same creative theme, registration doubled after the companies launched the campaign, said Nick Friese, VP-sales and marketing for MediaPost, a publishing company that covers the impact of the Internet on media planning and buying. Friese attributes much of the campaign's success to the Flash animation used in the campaign.

Emerging Interest L.L.C., and MediaPost Communications
Location: Upper Nyack, N.Y., and Westport, Conn.
Target audience: 20,000 media professionals
E-mail campaign goal: Increase registration for conference
Results: 6% click-through rate
"We initially created a fairly static banner with a blimp hovering over a city, with text scrolling on it, and then sent the banner to Dynamics Direct," Friese said. "They then turned this initial idea into the movie contained in the e-mail."

Dynamics Direct Inc. used its personalization technology to dynamically pull the recipient's name into text displayed in the Flash movie while an audio voice-over "spoke" the recipient's name in a greeting. The companies distributed the e-mail only to people in their databases who already received HTML e-mail messages, ensuring that recipients could open the movie.

"We were initially afraid of antagonizing our users with the message and jeopardizing our relationship with them," said Bill McCloskey, CEO and founder of Emerging Interest, an organization focused on how new technology (including rich media) applies to marketers. He was concerned that many of the recipients had yet to receive a personalized animation or audio in an e-mail. "Yet we've received virtually no negative feedback from the campaign," he said. "It's all been positive response."

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