Cashing In on Universal Search

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For users, online search has become a faster and more satisfying, one-stop experience. For search marketers, the landscape has been significantly altered. The algorithms and media that impact natural search positions are changing dramatically. The future opportunities for the paid advertiser are expanding beyond simple text ads into rich media, more sophisticated and targeted than could have been imagined even a few years ago.

Put another way-Universal Search is completely redefining search marketing. Now, the most successful search marketing programs will be all-encompassing, integrating and optimizing social media, sound and images, PR, and traditional online and offline resources. New, blended metrics will be needed. New advertising creative and technologies adapted. New outlets considered. And, there's an entirely new set of skills, job titles and descriptions that will occupy Human Resources for years to come.

This paper takes an in-depth look at the definition of, and rationale behind, Google's Universal Search; possible opportunities with this new search model; how online marketers can use Universal Search to their best advantage now; and the potential unknowns ahead.

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