Charlotte Pipe goes to dogs


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“We developed a three-pronged way to drive home the message,” Lopez said, referring to the print ads, the Web site and a phone number (877-K9SNIFF), where callers are told there are no pipe-sniffing dogs and that the only way to verify whether pipes meet industry standards is to ask for an inspection report. Visitors to and callers are referred to the real Charlotte Pipe Web site (, where they can learn more about how to verify whether pipes meet the standards. So far the campaign has had remarkable success. Of those who visited the landing page, nearly 40% clicked through to the Charlotte Pipe Web site. “We have taken a more straightforward approach in previous campaigns, making technical arguments as to why customers can trust domestic cast iron soil pipe and fittings. It's a difficult argument to make,” Muller said. “We thought it made sense to try a different approach—an idea that would break through the clutter. We certainly think we've accomplished that.” Muller said he is not surprised by the results of the campaign. “We knew we had a blockbuster concept on our hands that—if executed well—would be a huge hit with our audience. I had no doubt that our creative team would pull it off.” M
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