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Company: Chevron, San Ramon, Calif. Agency: McGarry-Bowen, New York Market: Investors, corporate executives Quick Chase: A photo of an adorable little girl dominates this institutional ad for Chevron. So we figured Chevron was priming the pump for a tale about how it's making life better for the girl and others like her. Instead, we get this incongruous headline: “Every dollar put into the economy helps speed its growth. Imagine what $59 million a day can do.” Copy addresses Chevron's wealth of technical capabilities but ignoring the little girl, whose appearance in the ad strikes us as gratuitous. Chasers' choice: Goat Company: BP, London Agency: N/A Market: Investors, corporate executives Quick Chase: BP taps a series of symbols of renewable energy sources—such as wind, water and solar—to make the point that it's doing all it can to provide the U.S. with a secure energy future by developing a portfolio of resources. The symbols pair well with the headline: “The answer to energy security: all of the above.” It's a simple message nicely framed by generous use of white space. Chasers' choice: Gloat
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