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“The reading habits of our audience of executives in China are evolving rapidly, maybe more rapidly than in the West. Our philosophy as a content provider is to make content accessible in whatever way our users want it. We are agnostic in terms of platform. This is why we have launched Flash, PDF and iPad versions, and a version of the magazine that is fully readable online through multiple platforms. It is also why we make extensive use of microblogging with links to our content.” —CRAIG PEPPLES, publisher of Chief Executive China, on the widespread acceptance of its digital edition of the Global Sources title. More than 261,000, or almost 70%, of Chief Executive China readers receive the digital edition, according to the most recent BPA Worldwide figures available. “Because we ceased the print publication a few years ago [in 2008] and shifted purely to the Web, we were able to design an iPad edition from scratch with the iPad consumer in mind. We know consumers love rich content but hate long download times. The April issue is only 70MB, and the exclusion of advertising is another great benefit to readers.” —DAN COSTA, editor in chief at Ziff Davis, which already has more than 50,000 paid subscribers to its other digital versions. These versions are available through Zinio and compatible with Kindle, Nook and other e-readers and tablets.
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